Now in New Zealand

I’m writing this from the Youth Hostel in Auckland, New Zealand. Our plane from Sydney landed at 5PM and we got out of the airport at 6:30! We thought Australia were keen to keep alien bugs and plants out but they are as nothing compared to New Zealand! Our 90 minute trek through the airport was spent mainly in queues. And we had no difficulties other than boots which had trod Australian soil. I suppose there are lots of good reasons for this – it is a mainly agricultural country – but it does put well-disposed people in a bad mood.

We set off on our trek tomorrow and may have difficulty keeping in touch till we get to Wellington in ten days time.

In the meantime here are some Australian bugs to look at.

Wetas in Jokers Tunnel, Yalgoo, Westerm Australia

Wetas in Jokers Tunnel, Yalgoo, Westerm Australia

Jokers Tunnel was an exploratory tunnel which goes through a ridge. No gold was found but the tunnel remains as a home for bugs and bats.

Chris and the bats

Chris and the bats

I’ll be writing more about Western Australia later.

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