We are back in the UK! And now back in Bristol.

We have been busy. So far we have got ourselves a (used) car, a rental flat and have had our offer for a rather nice flat on the Downs accepted. All this in just over two weeks!

However shortly after moving into our new flat I started to get some back pain. Despite efforts of a physiotherapist and lots of painkillers it continued to get worse. Our GP took blood tests which suggested that it was not a simple bad back, so I was sent into hospital for further tests. First stop was the BRI for a scan then Frenchay for treatment.

I got out of Frenchay on Friday the 10th February equipped with a formidable corset to keep my spine stable. While I was in there they worked out that I had discitis. In particular the disc between lumbar vertebrae 1 and 2 was inflamed with an infection caused by staphlococcus aurea. How it got in there I do not know. The infection could have got in while in the UK – it is not necessarily an infection of foreign origin!
Anyway it has been bombarded with strong doses of antibiotics and the inflammation is going down. We expect that it will be completely gone in a few weeks and that I should be back to near normal. In the meantime I am confined to barracks, which is tough but infinitely better than a hospital ward. I have still got some back pain but it is getting better.
Chris has been looking after me very well with scarcely a complaint!
I hope to be up and functioning in a couple of months. Keep in touch and hope to see you soon.
In the meantime we are now the proud owners of a flat on the downs. It is being extensively refurbished under the eagle eye of Chris and we will be moving in in late March.
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3 thoughts on “WHAT WE ARE DOING NOW

  1. David & Geraldine Matthews

    Really sorry to ‘hear’ this bit of bad news, Graeme. I’m sure it wouldn’t have been Christine’s delicious Jamaican Christmas cake. We hope you soon recover and that the move goes well.

    Dave & Geraldine

  2. carol

    I am so sorry to hear of your back pain Graeme.

    I tried calling unsuccessfully at the only number I have for you 01179671066 and can’t find the one you used in Ca.

    Get better

    regards to you both enjoy your new home, it sounds wonderful.


    • Thanks for your e-mail! My back is getting better, but it will be a long slow process.
      Our phone number is, if you are phoning from the States, 0044 117 968 8072. In the UK it is 0117 968 8072.
      We should be moving into the new flat in 2 weeks time. It should be mostly ready by then. A tremendous amount of work has been done on it, all supervised by Chris.
      When we move our phone number should stay the same. If it changes I will let you know

      Best Wishes,

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