The new flat

Downleaze -1 by GOC53
Downleaze -1, a photo by GOC53 on Flickr.

Here is the flat without the scaffolding. We are in the hall floor flat. In this photograph it is what looks like the ground floor flat but there is a basement one below us – what we in the posher parts of Bristol call the garden flat.

We are busy refurbishing the place and have almost finished the job. We are waiting to have replacement windows fitted. These will be double glazed units but will look exactly like the ones we have now. They are being made by a carpenter who finds Victorian window technology fascinating! He keeps pointing out features of our windows which I, in my ignorance, had missed. I had noticed the draughts and the lack of security and the noise from outside, but, we are assured, this will be remedied in our replacements.

The man who did our kitchen, which will appear in a later post, is making us some bookshelves so we can unpack the remainder of our cardboard boxes.

And then we will be finished!

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One thought on “The new flat

  1. David Matthews

    Hope you’ve got to know Ray and Wendy and that their regular ‘raves’ don’t disturb your sleep!


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