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My latest post is the final one of our trip round the world. YES!!! AT LAST! A sense of duty overcame inertia and now we have Our Life in Ruins – the second part of our stay in the Yucatan (with a side trip to Palenque in Chiapas). You can find it HERE.

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What we are doing now

We are back in the UK! And now back in Bristol.

We have been busy. In two weeks we managed to get a used car, rent a flat and make an offer on another flat on the Downs! The offer was accepted, the purchase was completed just before Christmas and we moved in in March.

However shortly after moving into our rented flat I started to get some back pain. Despite efforts of a physiotherapist and lots of painkillers it continued to get worse. Our GP took blood tests which suggested that it was not a simple bad back, so I was sent into hospital for further tests. First stop was the BRI for a scan then Frenchay for treatment.

I got out of Frenchay on Friday the 10th February equipped with a formidable corset to keep my spine stable. While I was in there they worked out that I had discitis. In particular the disc between lumbar vertebrae 1 and 2 was inflamed with an infection caused by staphlococcus aurea. How it got in there I do not know. The infection could have got in while in the UK – it is not necessarily an infection of foreign origin!
Anyway it has been bombarded with strong doses of antibiotics and the inflammation is gone. I have stopped my regimen of anti-biotics and this improved how I felt greatly; what I thought was a badly fitting corset turned out to be my stomachs reaction to the anti-biotics! We await the transformation of the infected lumbar disc to tough scar tissue; then I can start regaining fitness and stamina.
Chris has been looking after me very well with scarcely a complaint!
Keep in touch and hope to see you soon.
In the meantime we are now the proud owners of a flat on the downs. It has been extensively refurbished under the eagle eye of Chris and we moved in in late March. There are still improvements under way, particularly the building of bookcases, so we can finally unpack all our boxes. But the end is in sight. Well until we find something else to do.
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One thought on “WELCOME!

  1. Chris

    Hi Graeme

    Glad to hear that you are back safely but sorry to hear about your back. Amazing that it was an infection.

    We are now fairly near neighbours if you are overlooking the Downs.

    Peter was asking after you at last night’s Bridge Inn so I’ll post him your news.

    Best wishes.


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