Camera Stolen

I’m Pissed Off!!!

My good camera has been stolen!

Set off from San Pedro, in Belize, by speed boat this morning, with  my Nikon D300 in my rucksack, got to Chetumal. Transferred to bus station, caught bus to Tulum, taxi to hotel. Camera not in rucksack! But they left the laptop – then I would have been really pissed off! Perhaps my laptop slip case disguised as a large envelope worked.

The camera must have been pinched, either on the boat or on the bus, I had my eyes on the rucksack everywhere else.

So I have lost my Belize photos, camera, lens, camera bag, memory cards, filter, lens hood, blow brush and cloth. And strangely enough they took my diary. There is not anything much in it – I let it lapse after the Grand Canyon.

Fortunately it is insured, I’m not sure if the lens is. And I still have the Canon G12.

You can look forward to my Guatemala and Belize post without any photos of Belize.

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